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If this will be your

first time with us

Please know you are our honored guest!

What are your services like?

We have Sunday School for all ages - Nursery age to Senior Saint and most everything in between.  Children meet in our educational wing and adults meet in our fellowship hall.

Our morning worship service will be traditional in nature and glorifying God in prayer, singing, fellowship, and preaching.  We will sing a chorus during our Sunday morning service along with traditional hymns of the faith.  After singing our chorus, we usually walk around the auditorium meeting and welcoming those in attendance.

Sunday evening services are much like our morning service, while Wednesday night service adds a dedicated prayer time after the preaching.  During the school year, Wednesday also includes King's Kids for elementary age children and our Youth Group for teens.

What to expect...

What do I wear?

There is no dress code here.  While you'll find most men in suits and women in skirts/dresses, we welcome you as you are.

What about my children?

Sunday School classes for all ages meet Sunday at 9:30 am.


After Sunday School, Junior Church services are available Sunday morning and are divided into 3 classes - 2-3 yrs, 4-5 yrs, and 6-11 yrs old.

Sunday evening services are family integrated except for children under 4, who are welcome to be cared for in our nursery.

King's Kids for elementary age children and Youth Group for 7th grade and up meet Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.

Nursery is provided during Sunday School, Sunday Morning/Evening, and Wednesday Night services for children under 4 yrs old.

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